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Renovating a Cottage : Some Hard Earnt Tips

May 14, 2014

A neat golden thatch, whitewashed walls, dancing fireplaces, woodburning stoves and glossy red doors are all images instantly brought to mind when considering country cottages. In fact, modern mass media like books and magazines also help perpetuate this particular fantasy even further. 

However, what no one talks about is all the effort and work that goes into bringing an old or derelict country cottage back to life. In order to maintain a cottage, renovation and remodeling projects are necessary. 

Although most cottage enthusiasts completely love their homes and don’t want to change anything. However, most cottage owners agree that renovating a country cottage is an exceptional experience. 

Renovating a country cottage requires a lot of patience, creativity and adaptability. In fact, it also requires you to consider spending a lot of money. Before you consider renovating a country cottage, you need to take some important things into consideration. In this post, we’ve discussed some important tips to renovate a country cottage. 

Budget-Friendly Interior Ideas

A fresh coat of basic interior paint can give a new life to dull walls of the country cottage. It is always better to choose a light colored paint like off-white, eggshell or ivory. This will lighten and brighten the rooms of a small country cottage, and make it appear larger. Similarly, removing large items of furniture and decluttering are the best low-budget renovation ideas to increase the space in the cottage. 

It is also possible to open up an area by removing some heavy curtains, drapes or some other window coverings. These may be blocking sunlight. You can replace them with sheer window panels, wood blinds, woven blinds or plantation shutters. 

Budget-Friendly Exterior Ideas

Painting the front door and exterior walls of your country cottage is an inexpensive and cost effective way to enhance the charming appeal of the place. Window boxes lying over with large flower pots and brightly colored flowers around the front door can be a very welcoming sight. 

It is also a great idea to add shutters to window sides for a low-cost decorative look. You can place white or light colored wicker chairs with bright cushions on your front porch. This can enhance the quaint ambiance of the cottage. 

Major Renovation Ideas

Although you can demolish the interior of your country cottage in its entirety and rebuild it from scratch, it can be a very time consuming and complex renovation plan. You can remove a wall to open up some space in a small country cottage. However, you may have to hire professionals to carry out such a demolition process, and interior finishing. 

Similarly, replacing your worn carpet with wooden floorings can add more classic charm and aesthetic value to your country cottage. Adding a high quality heated floor element underneath the floor can also keep you warm and cozy in the winter season. Such designs ideas can be economical 

Accessory Ideas

Vases containing fresh flowers and green potted plants can add new life to almost any room. You can replace an old picture with a completely new piece of decorative metal sculpture or canvas wall art for an easy and quick room rejuvenation. 

Furniture throws, areas rugs, colorful pottery and new bed linens can also add more character to a dull room. You can even replace an old or outdated light fixture with a stylish, new one to instantly refresh your room. 

Another excellent way to add more character to your country cottage is by installing a woodburning stove. It can not only be used to cook food, but also provide more heat during the winter season. 

A woodburning stove can also cut your utility bills and make sure you’re able to save some hard earned money. These days, woodburning stoves can be easily bought online at affordable prices. You can even hire an experienced company (such as for installation. 

Seeking Professional Help

In order to make sure your renovation or remodeling project is a success, you need to hire professionals who’re experienced and skilled with country cottage renovations. An unenthusiastic or inexperienced engineer or architect can easily jeopardize the success of your renovation project by forcing the views on a cottage owner or renovator. It is extremely important to find the right professionals for your renovation project. Otherwise, you may find yourself looking for a replacement in the middle of the project.

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